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Growing Up with Dentists
Cosmetic dentistry is generally referred to as procedures that improve the appearance, though not necessarily the function of a person's teeth gums, or bite. Whitening and bleaching are the most common forms of cosmetic dentistry and can drastically improve the look and color of your teeth. At Bordentown Family Dentist we understand the importance of a smile and are ready to discuss with you the best options available to optimize the appearance of your smile.
Your Total Health
The health of your teeth and gums can determine the health of your entire body, affecting your heart, contributing to diabetes, and more. We know that you are much more than your teeth and are happy to assist you with the kind of quality dental care to improve your overall health.
Dental Care and Health Articles
On our Website find information in the Article section about dental care and general health. Fill out our Contact Form to request an appointment, and let us find a time that works best for your schedule at our family dentistry office.
Most insurance plans are accepted as well as Care Credit for our dental services. Of course, new patients are always welcome.
Contact us in Bordentown, New Jersey, for more about insurance coverage and financing options to keep you and your family smiling.
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